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 Best Of Lodi
>Bueno Italiano Cafe
>Fashion Safari
>Fiori's Butcher Shoppe 
>Kim Dukes Bake Shop
>Komachi Sushi
>Oak Farm Vineyards
>Porter's Pub
>Woodbridge Crossing
>Foodie Bon Vivant
>Wine Glass Types
>Omaha Steaks
>Buca di Beppo
> Dining Guide
> Wine Trail Map
>Local Pubs 
>Cook Thyme Recipes
>Red Wine Chocolate Cake
>Blackberry Hombre Sparkler
>Winter Salad
>Butternut Squash Crostini
>Eggplant Pizza
>Eggplant Copanata
>San Francisco Cioppino
>Home in Style
>No Cal Const Training
>PlumBerry Hill
>Re-Purposed Furniture
>Ashley Furniture
>Health in Style
>5 Hypothyroid Foods
>7 Simple Health Changes
>Cabbage Soup Diet
>High Blood Pressure
>DUI Facts
>Greek Yogurt For Health
>Lush Handmade Cosmetics
>Style Marketplace
>Fashion & Apparel
>Cupshe Fashions
>Old Gringo Boot Story
>Travel Hot Spotz
>Priority Wine Pass
>2015 Travel Blog
>2015 Music Blog
>Bed & Breakfast Inns
>20 Wander List Cities
> Uber Ride Service

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As Editors and Publishers we are often invited to write articles in our publications and social media to publicize events, activities, tours and travel venues.  It is our goal to provide interesting content for our readers as well as increasing knowledge and promoting new markets for our advertisers. 

1. We offer an article with every ad purchase.
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NOTE: If chosen for a FREE article, it will be placed in our online/digital magazine. If we have available space, we may choose to select some of the free articles to put into the print issues.
If you would like to submit your venue into our Media Department for content consideration, please submit a short description with the following information:
1. What is the objective of the article content?
2. What type of audience are you reaching?
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4. What is the duration of time requested to cover the story?
5. What are the dates?
6. What type of accommodations and activities will be provided for our writers?

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